Legoland trip 2-4 June 2017

The kids had been bugging us to bring them to the legoland hotel and since mummy can’t take that many day leave on the dates that the dad was on leave plus Amelia was due for a surgery soon, we went on a short trip to legoland.

On the actual day, the girls woke at 6am without me having to wake them up (total opposite of that during the school days) all excited. We reached JB at 7 to 8 am and had our breakfast in some dim sum shop before heading to legoland. As the check in time was 4pm, we had planned to go both theme parks that day.

First stop was the water theme park. It was scorching hot but the girls had a great time there.

After lunch, we went on to the themepark. The new ninja ride was fun! However, I did not manage to take any picture of the ninja ride as taking picture was not allowed.

So it was a 8 hour play at the parks and we were exhausted and all tanned!

Apparently they knew about the treasure hunting in the hotel room from their friends who had been there and dashed to complete it once we got there.


Near the hotel and themepark, there is a stretch of shops with restaurants and we had had our dinner in one of the restaurant and half way through eating…..

Amber KO while chewing her food!


The kids blocked us out from their room that night while they had a “TV’ night


The next morning …..early breakfast at 7 plus. They actually allocated timing to control the crowd.

Walking around after breakfast..


After the walk, we lazed around in the room before checking out and went to the malls for some shopping and playing.


That night we stayed at KSL hotel which was pretty convenient as the mall is just below the hotel. I went for a 2 hour massage while hub and kids remained in hotel for long bath in bath tub and munching the takeaways we bought earlier from downstairs.

The next morning, the kids went for a swim at the hotel pool. That’s how we all turned so dark….


After checking out of the hotel, we went on to have our lunch and the 4 of us went for manicure and pedicure! Girls being girls, they were so happy about it.

We went for final round of grocery shopping before heading back to Singapore with minimal jam (lucky). It was a packed 3 day 2 night trip and we had a great time!





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