Christmas came early


Creating Memories

Received this message this morning

One thing we must keep in mind is that problems will always find a way into our lives, that is a guarantee, but what should be thought upon are the precious memories that we fail to create because we focus more on the temporary than we do on those who should be the center of our lives.”

Are you creating memories with the ones who matter most to you?



Port Dickson 3D2N Day 3- 6/11/2016

We had this for breakfast. Dirty Mee.What a name. Its popular there and only open till 2pm!

On the way back to Singapore, we stopped at Zenxin Organic farm located in Kluang for a farm tour. Its kind of hot but its good to be close to nature which we don’t do it often and I did learn a thing or two like first time seeing mulberry on trees and plucking them and eating them fresh from trees and that dragonfruit tree can last 100 years and only bear fruit for 35 years.

After the tour, we had our lunch there. Veggie goodness! Good for us after all the junk food haha.

Hubby and his friend had wanted to buy the famous Kluang mooncake but unfortunately its closed that day and hence we headed straight back to johor bahru for car washing and bought some food for dinner before going back to Singapore.

Feeling blessed and grateful for this fruitful trip and jotting this down for us to read back in years to come.

Port Dickson 3D2N- Day 2- 5/11/2016

When we woke the next morning, Amanda shouted “Mummy, my tooth dropped!” . The tooth has been shaky for days and luckily she did not swallow it during her sleep.


We had our buffet breakfast at the hotel café. The spread was not bad and the girls had a good time eating cereals (coco crunch and all which I usually don’t buy at home).

After our breakfast, the girls went for a swim again before checking out. With much encouragement and challenging from us, they were finally more confident in water (still with life vest though, but at least not clinging to float or us)!


First stop after checking out from the hotel was to the ostrich farm. We went there once many years back but Amelia and Amber have not been there before. Amanda and Amber had a great time riding the pony, feeding the animals and touching the mice (yiks!!) while Amelia was scared stiff. I think the only thing Amelia enjoyed there was eating the fruit popsicles…

We had a quick bite at this Cowboy Place at the recommendation of a friend

The bbq chicken was tender and juicy! Only thing is that the place is a little smokey, hence it might be a better idea to pack the chicken to hotel to enjoy.

Our next stop was to the Army Museum. Mostly exhibits of old fighter planes, helicopters, tanks,army trucks etc. As it was starting to drizzle, we decided to leave the place .

 We also went to this Eco shop at the recommendation by another friend.

Lots of cheap stuffs there. We picked up some word search books,notebooks, drinks,and badminton rackets there! All at rm2.12 each! Imagine badminton racket at rm2.12 which is like S$0.70 thanks to our strong currency!! S$0.70 for a racket??!

By then, we were famished and headed to a Thai restaurant at some new settlement. Food was great and cheap

 After lunch, we checked in to our next hotel.

The room was clean and cozy but of course you can’t compare it to the luxurious Lexis hotel. However, its location is convenient being next to Giant supermarket and eateries. Thai Odyssey, a popular Thai massage joint is also located in the hotel. While the rest of them took a break in the hotel room, hubby sent me for a 90 mins Aromatherapy massage! Totally glad for this me time.

Dinner that night was my favourite food for this trip.

Very yummy and fragrant. Amelia who was usually a poor eater had several servings of the bun! We ordered other Zi Char dishes as well but I did not take any pictures as I was busy eating hahaa.

One thing I noticed about Port Dickson is that many shops closed early. The street was pretty quiet even on a weekend night. We headed to Giant for a walk and then proceeded to this Wow West Cowboy Amusement Park located diagonally to our hotel. I think I only saw 2 or 3 families there. Its that quiet and I wondered how the business survived there. Anyway, the kids had fun. Amber finally got to ride all the rides. The year before at Taiwan, she could only wailed while watching her sisters rode the rode at Taiwan amusement park as she was too short then.

So that’s it for day 2. A fruitful one.

Port Dickson Trip 3D2N Day 1 – 4/11/2016

We decided to go on a 3 day 2 night trip to Port Dickson as hubby was clearing leave . The girls were excited about it as we have been talking about it for a week.

We started the day early at 7 plus in the morning. First stop was dim sum breakfast at JB.

After our breakfast, we went to Aeon Tebrau City as hubby wanted to bring the girls to the newly opened theme park there.
There is promotion now till Nov 25.Check out their facebook for more details.

Personally , I feel its more suitable for younger kids but nevertheless Amanda still enjoyed herself very much there.

The girls were reluctant to leave but we had to be on our way to get to Port Dickson. We grabbed some food to munch for lunch in the car as we had a heavy breakfast earlier.

Finally at 4 plus close to 5 pm we reached our destination! We are staying at Lexis Hibiscus for the first night.Its kind of relaxing to just look at the sea.

“Monkeying” at the hotel lobby while hubby was doing the check in.

The girls were thrilled especially with the pool in the room while mummy was thrilled with the view.

After settling down in the room, we went down to have our dinner by the beach. The eatery is hawker style and there is nothing to shout about the food but its kind of cool to eat while watching the sun set.

Back to the hotel, the girls can’t wait to jump into the pool for their night swim. Except for Amanda, the the two were screaming and needed someone to hold on to them despite having a life vest on. i attribute to the fact that they did not have much experience as Amanda who was in water quite reguarly when she was young. Despite the fear, they still wanted to be in the water.

Needless to say everyone snoozed soundly that night after a long day.