Korean fried chicken

Today dinner first time trying korean fried chicken but I air fried them instead. Its not bad but the girls don’t fancy them. The egg and sweet potato fries were a hit instead.


A visit to the dentist

Monday (4th July) was a school holiday but I have to be at work. So hubby brought Amelia to the dentist as we noticed she has some cavities. Upon checking by dentist, she has 5 cavities!!


New School

Amelia officially started her new school on 1st July. She was so excited about changing to the new school and she was the one who insisted she wanted to change school.

She started telling everyone she saw about her changing school and I was worried about Amber crying and throwing a fuss as she will be going to childcare on her own without her sister.

On the first day of school, we were stunned. Amber went to school without a fuss knowing her sister won’t be joining her. Amelia on the other hand cried like a baby! It had been a while since I had to handle this kind of separation anxiety. However after consoling her and assuring her, we managed to get her to join the class before we left the centre.

I called the school to check on her and was pleased to know she was participating in class already. At the end of the day, she told us she has two best friends and enjoyed herself. I hope she will grow to love it more though she expressed she love her old school more.


Changi Airport Fun

During the holiday, there is an event at Changi Airport promoting Australia. When you spent a certain amount, you can redeem tickets for some activities for the kids to participate in. We are blessed by stranger who gave us their tickets for the kids to go more extra round on the ride!