Art Camp

Sent the Amanda to a one day art camp at Artify Studio today.

Check them out here:-

She thoroughly enjoyed herself and asked when can she go back there again.



Notebook for good friend


Amanda made this notebook from plain A4 paper and colour paper for the cover for her good friend Clara.

She made one for herself too with a letter A cover. I must say the book is pretty well made as when she first showed me I thought it was just an exercise book pasted with coloured paper on the outside.

Now she is pestering me when she can meet her good friend to give it to her…

You Can’t Bluff The Kid

Every morning is a mad rush for me to send the kids to school without being late.

Sometimes I would fuse if they threw tantrums and took their own sweet time while mummy’s heart would be racing and my patience wearing thin as each minute on the clock passed. I wonder why they always have to request this and that at the 11th hour. This morning is the request for apples…

Today,  I tried to be positive and told them let’s race! Amber happily ran while Amelia gave me a sheepish smile and said ” Mummy, I know why you want to race! You want us to hurry up!”

There, they grow up too fast haha. I wish she grows more flesh though.





Uncle Ringo 2nd June 2016

Throwback to 2nd june. We had dinner at Waterway Point and hubby offered to bring the girls to Uncle Ringo for some fun while I could head home to shower and rest as I met them straight for dinner after work and was tired. BUT  Amber decided she preferred mummy than joining them for rides!


Photo from hubby.

Elderberry syrup


My two bottles of freshly brewed elderberry syrup. Not too comfy with the commercial elderberry syrup as it contain synthetic vit c.

Elderberry is said to be good for cough/flu and good for immunity.

Recipe from wellness mama but i did mine without cloves and with ginger powder

How to Make Elderberry Syrup for Flu Prevention