Shopping at the Supermarket

Last Sunday, Amber accompanied me to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. We bought some vegetables and a whole chopped chicken.

While queuing to checkout our basket, she spotted something in the basket , gave a disgusted look and said  loudly “Mummy! Why did you buy hands????”

The uncle behind us burst out laughing.


Fresh Figs


My first time tasting fresh fig! Looks a bit ahem disgusting but when I tasted it oh wow I am pleasantly surprised that its mildly sweet with a nice mild scent. In fact, its a bit like peach.

Benefit of figs:-
-high in soluble fibre
-contains prebiotics to support the good bacterias in the gut
-good source of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium etc
-good source of antioxidant too!

Now time to try to get the girls to eat them.

Air fried kale

Been wanting to try this simple snack for long time but never got about doing it. Finally we did it over the weekend and it was a hit with the girls. I did 3 rounds and they finished faster than I could dish out.


Wash the kale. Dap dry with kitchen towel. Add a bit of oil. I use E excel cooking oil (macadamia nut and perila seed oil) and sprinkle some salt and air fried at 180 degrees for 3 mins. Done!

The other batch I tried with the same oil and onion powder.

I bought my fresh organic kale from opentaste.I like that it came fresh in a cooler bag and first time purchase I got $15 off.

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