Art Class 27/3/16


Cheeky girls with their cheeky art pieces.


Good Friday

We were invited to a birthday party at The Sail @Marina on good friday evening (25/03/16). The party was great and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


The blur toothfairy

So Amanda’s second tooth was finally taken out by the nurse in school when she went for her dental checks.

She was all excited to try putting the tooth under her pillow again hoping the tooth fairy would come as she truly believed that fairy existed.

First night she was disappointed. 2nd night the tooth fairy still did not appear. 3rd night again nothing happened ( I wanted to box myself for forgetting) and finally I remembered with help from some mummy friend!

Today she called me when i was in office telling me that the fairy came and left a coin! When i reached home , she told me ” mummy i cannot believe the fairy came! But its strange, the fairy never took away the tooth!”

I gasped in my heart and thought to myself ” is the fairy supposed to do so???” I calmly told her “well.. maybe that fairy was blur!”

A busy Sunday 13 march 2016


A back dated post..

Last sunday was a long day for us. As Mummy attended Dr Chen Jau Fei’s Talk on Saturday, the Chinese class was pushed to Sunday morning.

We had an early morning homebased art lesson with Teacher Blossom before heading out to Waterway point for their Chinese class.

After class, we had our lunch at Grove, a vegetarian cafe at waterway point. The food is not too bad though a bit pricy. With a full stomach, we headed to Amanda’s school which is just opposite the mall. There was fund raising carnival that day and Amanda said she made a clay snowma  during her art cca to be put up for sale. It was already sold when we reached there otherwise we would have bought it. The girls had lots of fun on the bouncy castle and they also took part in a drawing contest.

We did not stay for long at the carnival as there was a story telling session at Times bookstore that day with  illustrator and writer  阿 果  。 It was a fun session for the girls and I was surprised when Amber volunteered to go up to the front to do some activity! We had our books authographed by him and took a picture with him.

Mummy was dead tired by then and they still requested to play for a while at the indoor playground which I allowed while I rested on the bench there.

I was hoping that at night they would sleep earlier but it did not happen! They still slept at their usual bedtime. I really wonder where did all their energy come from!!