Amanda is 8


Amanda turns 8 today. Mummy surprised her by turning up at her school gate to pick her up for lunch and to shop for her present and she kept asking me how come I was there. How come I do not need to work etc.( she was definitely happy)

We went to the nearest Waterway point for lunch and she picked a lavender plant kit as her birthday present as she said cockroaches hate lavender.  She could not wait to get home to do it! I hope her lavender plant will grow haha ( I have not heard of anyone planting this before).

She also chose to have cupcake instead of birthday cake as she said it will be wasteful if we can’t finish a whole cake. So she picked 3 cupcakes including 2 for her sisters.

Daddy  also came home with a rainbow cake for her. So with a cupcake and rainbow cake, the sisters sang a birthday song for her.

Nothing fanciful today but I hope it has been a great day for her ! (yesterday she had declared it will be a bad day for her today as she has chinese spelling haha) . Like all parents I just wish that she will be healthy and happy always!

Happy birthday Amanda!


Learning the Chinese Language

Learning Chinese language was never a chore for me. Maybe its the environment and hence it just came to us naturally. In fact I love the Chinese language more than the English language when I was in school and I chose to study higher Chinese all the way to A level.

I still remembered I scored a B3 for the higher Chinese in O level and was sorely disappointed. Although I have an A1 in Chinese, the HOD in JC was reluctant to allow me to continue my A level higher Chinese in view of my B3 grade but I appealed and I had to resit for my O level Higher Chinese while taking Higher Chinese A level in JC. This time round, I scored an A1 and I was allowed to continue with my Higher Chinese A level in JC.

Never have I thought that my own kid will dislike this subject. Amanda refuses to speak in Mandarin and declares that she hates it. Although her written work is still passable, her spoken Mandarin is OMG lol.Another thing that I have issue with is the way she writes her Chinese words. The strokes are wrong… There was no emphasis for writing the correct strokes in schools nowadays unlike our time. To me, getting the strokes right is important.

There is no short cut to learning a language I guess. You have to read, listen, write and speak more. Its pretty challenging given the amount I time I have with them at night (divided by 3). Right now, I am cracking my brain to get her interested in the language. She was resistant to reading Chinese stories previously and last night I managed to get her interested enough to listen to me reading a Chinese story to her! I prayed that this continues and after going through some Chinese words with her on daily basis and her attending a class on Friday (simply for her to get in touch with the language more), I find that she is able to read slightly better now and less resistant to it.

I also stumbled across this website which I think is pretty cool.

You can type in words that you like your kids to learn and you will get a writing worksheet with guide on the correct stroke sequence.

This is how the worksheet looks like.


If you have any idea on learning Chinese, share with me.



CNY Day 2


Hubby had to work on day 2 of Cny and i brought the girls to my mum place to 拜 年。We tried out the new bus service bus number 117. Its a shorter journey to mum place now at Yishun with this new service compared to bus service number 85.

大 年 初 一


It was a busy day. First stop was to hubby’s grandparent place . 2nd stop to my maternal grandma’s place and lastly to jb for a reunion dinner with hubby’s godbrother. We reached home at nearly midnight and all of us were exhausted.