Been pretty busy at work recently since its the audit period.
Flash back their art lesson last sunday with Teacher Blossom. Love the art pieces!


Amelia’s 5th birthday


Amelia turns 5 today! She requested for a birthday celebration and so I did a fuss free one for her. Just having a cake, a change into a dress and friends, teachers and sisters singing birthday song for her is enough to make her so happy.

Can hardly believe she is already 5 !



Amelia and her 2 groups of classmates.


Thanks to Amelia’s classmate mummy jasmine who helped us to take this pic with Amelia’s teacher.

I hope she enjoyed herself today and I believed she did.

The 3xth birthday!


Its my 3xth birthday. It took me a while to recall exactly how old I am now. Your brain basically stop counting when you cross a certain number haha.

When we were kids, we wished that we grew up quickly. Now, I wish time can slow down. 光阴似箭, 一 晃 就 是 好多年.Since, time will not wait for us, I can only remind myself to cherish every moment I have now with my family and friends.

When one gets older the wish become simpler, and that is everyone to be healthy and happy.

Swollen eye


Poor Amber was bitten by mozzies ( we assumed) over the weekend. This morning she woke up with a super swollen eye!

Brought her to the doctor and there is no infection. He wanted to prescribe steriod cream which i rejected and he told me it to just leave it and gave me some antihistamine.

Other than the swollen eye, she is still active and all and gets to “ponteng” school today.

Start of new term

Its the start of new term. Both sisters have classes on saturday morning and we are back to the routine of

Send Amelia
Send Amanda
Fetch Amelia
Fetch Amanda

In between we will be crossing the overhead bridge like 3 times.

Tiring and the baby in the family has to follow mummy around to send them. In between the free time is our bonding time . Today brought along an activity book to entertain her.


Insisted doing it at the coffeeshop. Look at how serious she is haha. 认 真 的 小 孩 还 是 可 爱!