Happy 2nd Birthday!


Cutie Pie turns 2 on 22nd August. Stay Cute Always! Spare Mummy of your terrible 2 though 😛


Year 2014

More than half a year has passed for 2014! It has been an eventful 2014 so far.

The two younger girls are in a new childcare near our house. Amanda continues to go to the Cambridge till she goes to Primary 1 next year. We managed to get into the school of our choice after some adrenaline rushing balloting.

The most major event has to be that I have taken a step to do something I have never thought I will be doing. While I do receive support and encouraging words from friends and family, there are others who 泼冷水。 I am taking everything in my stride and working towards my aim while abiding by my principle. At the age of 35, I am really not bothered a lot by what people think as long as I know what I am doing and clearly know what I want.

While I am busier than ever, and have even lesser time now, I make a promise to myself I must still allocate time for my girls.