Birthday birthday birthday


In July, father’s birthday


In August, mother’s birthday


Early celebration for the August babies (my mum and Amber’s birthday are just one day apart)

Just like Amelia’s time, we will not be having any birthday party . Instead we will be going for a photoshoot on that special day and spending time with her. I hope she will have a great day just like how we enjoyed it last year on Amelia’s birthday!




Reading to all is so challenging these days. The two younger ones are always fighting for attention especially Amelia. On a rare day like this, all three are happy to read or flip their own books while I choose who to attend to. 

P.s.My baby looked so engrossed in her books in this photo haha!


Recently, I was unable to come to a decision on a matter and it has been bugging me. While my heart is telling me to continue but mind is saying no. I confided in a friend and she answered me beautifully

” Wait till your heart and mind is united, and when you are at peace with your decision, it is the right time”