The 3 girls


An updated pic of the 3 girls. Its amazing how fast they grow. I like to think that I age at a slower pace  haha!

Life with them have been moments of joy, frustration, anger, shoutings, screamings, stress, tireness and laughter! Oops seem like the bad are more than the good. However, seriously the good still outweigh the bad. Though there are times I imagined having only Amanda, or having only Amanda and Amelia and that how life might be easier. But no, I still love to have all three of them and would not exchange any of them for anything in the world.

Time seem to race past me, and I could hardly squeeze much time to do any stuffs that I fancy other than the rountine tasks. I tried my best at times and am angry with myself at other times where I felt I could have been more determined and more patient. Other days, I tell myself I am just a human but in reality, mums are expected to be super humans and we really are!

PS : This is a reminder to myself to be more patient and gentle with them. I really hate it when I lost control, and I really felt lousy as a mum.


For the past 6 months

The biggest change for the past 6 months besides the challenging days of juggling life as a mum to three, maid, cow and full time employee is that we have finally shifted to what I call OUR HOME.

We have finally moved to our new flat which has been left empty for a while. While the old place holds many memories, nothing beats having my own place and my own space although my mother in law is still staying with us. :)))

The new place has no swimming pool, no security guard, no bbq pits or whatsoever, I still love it there for its location and of cos also its uncluttered. I feel I could breathe again!

I used to hate staying at home as I felt so frustrated with so much stuffs around not to mention dusty. Now, I enjoy staying at home and also the fact that going out with 3 kids is no easy feat!

I know its a better environment for the kids too! More good memories to come!

Sister Love

On a lighter note, I received feedback from teachers that Amanda took great care of Amelia who has just started going to childcare. She would carry her bag and hold Amelia’s hands and guide her from the school bus to the centre and gives her a  hug when Amelia cries. I am so touched to hear that. It a surprise as the two of them are fighting most of the time at home.

The other day at a playground, Amanda was encouraging Amelia to play as she was afraid of climbing up. Amanda told her: “Amelia come, jie jie will hold you, jie jie will never let you fall down!” I am so touched once again.

I am so proud of you Amanda!

PS: This is an old post which has accidentally been posted as a page. Took me so long to realise!

Has it been that long?

Gosh time really passed by me so quickly that it has been 6 mths since I last blogged!

Guilty and sad that I have not recorded down possibly some of the precious moments that I would have forgotten down the road.

Lack of time is an excuse. Time to be more hardworking mummy!