One of the most challenging aspect to me about motherhood is breastfeeding. It seems so strange that something that is so natural can be so tough?

I only managed to breastfed Amanda partially for 2 weeks via pumping. Lacking support and determination, I surrender after 2 weeks. I still feel the guilt to this day.

I thought I was mentally prepared for breastfeeding for Amelia. Who knew I can’t latch and tried to do exclusive pumping. I don’t have the time to do that while taking care of two and after two months I threw in the white flag as the amount pumped out by then was not worth the stress, lost of quality time with family. A happy mum has happy kids they said. Again I feel guilty after that.

This time round, though I am more prepared and tried harder, its still as tough. However, I am grateful that I am
latching more than before and I shall try my best to prolong my breastfeeding career which could jolly well be my last.

Gan ba teh!