Girls’ toys


As my tummy gets bigger and my back aches more, instances like in the picture above where the girls played with Mother Garden tea set in harmony is a relief to me.

They have lots of toys ( mainly hand me downs and gifts) but their favorite got to be the kitchen set and the Mother Garden Tea set (thanks Emily). The Mother Garden set is the only toy that Amanda willingly keeps after playing and she wants them to be packed neatly in the box. I seldom buy any toys for the kids as there is already a huge stash (which is already giving me a headache) and most of the time, the toys have short “lifespan”. The kids lose interest in them rather quickly. However, toys like the kitchen set and tea sets are being played repeatedly. I wonder if it is the girls thing to like to pretend play cooking and having tea party.

When we shift next year, we definitely can’t bring all the toys with us but the kitchen and tea set will definitely be coming along. I might just add on another set or two to the collection and I can imagine the 3 sisters having a wonderful time having “tea party” together.