Things that she said

Its really fun having conversation with the 4 years old. There are many instances that she took us by surprise and said the most unexpected. Below are some incidents (one of which occurs few days back) that I can recall.

Incident 1

The two girls were always fighting over things and mil always told them they they gave her a headache whenever they fight. One day, I was home and they were fighting over a toy again and in the struggle Amanda accidentally caused Amelia to fall down. I was pretty angry and later had a talk with her.

Me: You must apologize to mei mei later ok. You are Jie Jie and must take care of her and not fight with her.

Amanda : ok (reluctantly) but mummy mei mei always snatch my things and give me such a BIG HEADACHE !

Me: wahhahaha

Incident 2

We had a one night staycation at Fullerton over the weekend. The next morning when we woke up, we took a stroll along the river towards the merlon. We passed by an ice shop with icons outside like this.


Amanda’s eyes lit up when she saw them

Amanda: What’s that? (she should know, she always pretends to ask when she wants to eat them)

Me: huh? You don’t know? Ice cream loh!

Amanda: Noooooooo! Those are not ice cream. They are Popsicles!

Me: (taken by surprise) Oh yes , you are right, those are popsicles! How do you know?

Amanda: I always know them by my ow self

Me: -.-


This girl also has lots of reasons to rebuke when we pointed out things to her. One of the most commonly heard:

Amanda: *cough cough* while sipping on cold drink

Me: hey you better stop drinking. See! You are coughing!

Amanda: Noooooooo! I am not sick. It’s because I drank too fast!

Me: -.-