Amelia is 16 mths old now. She is really a petite girl, but mind you she loves to eat! I was so surprised and amused when I reached home the other day seeing her wearing a 0-3 mths size romper!

She loves her sister (the first word she says is Jie Jie) but also pisses her and complains about her a lot. She is able to say a lot more words than Amanda could at this age probably she has a chatty elder sister whom she can listen and learn from.

She started walking about a month or two after her first birthday and is a super duper active girl! Frankly, it is much more challenging to take care of her than Amanda.

Her favourite book for now is Dear Zoo which she loves to flip the flap up to see the animals. I cheered for her the other day when she completed the sentence for me when I was reading the sentences in the book to her!

At this age, she is a “destroyer” and really makes you want to tear your hair out at times. However, she also surprises you everyday with the new “stunts”.

If you ask me do I favor any of the girls ( which I often wonder before having 2), I would say I love them both just as much!



 It has been a while since I last blogged and I have also decided to migrate from my old blog to here due to some reasons.

History is repeating itself it seems ha. I started my last blog when Amanda was one year old as I wanted to blog and remember/capture the memories of my kids in the growing up years. However, after having Amelia, everything went downhill as I was too caught up with the daily lifes of being a full time working mum to two kids that my old blog was sort of abandoned. Amelia is now 16 mths and that’s how long I have not been writing actively. However, after reading how some mummies actually printed out their blogs to keep, I think its time for me to jot down again those precious moments which very often are forgotten.

Life as a full time working mum is busy and sometimes hectic but I expect it to be even more hectic when the third one arrives. Yes, I am expecting again and I will be a mum to three this August! 🙂